Nothing much (p.60-61):

- Dave wants to meet up with Liz but she doesn't.

- They don't talk to each other until their departure.

The Book (p.65-73):

- Dave buys a hat at the Red Fort that Liz dislikes.

- They take a rickshaw to get back to the hotel.

- They get Bhagavad Gita from J in exchange for Oscar und Lucinda.

- Dave and Liz decide do go to Simla.

- Dave and J get into an argument because J's parents send him money.

A sadist's zero-gravity chamber (p.73-77):

- Dave and Liz have bus tickets to get to Simla.

- J tells him that their seats were at the back, which were bad ones.

A few strategic apologies (p.78-89):

- Arrival in Simla, spend a few days there. Dave sends a couple of postcards home.

- They go further up into the mountains to a small town called Manali and stay at the Rainbow Lodge.

- There they smoke A LOT of weed/dope etc. and the tension between them starts to loosen up.

- They socialize with the people who are also staying at the same hotel and talk about India.