She's acting differently (p.3-5)

  • Dave and Liz sit in an airplane to India
  • Struggle for the window-seat
  • Both of them talk very unfriendly to each other

Pure blind fear (p.6-9)

  • Arrival in India
  • Have trouble with their bus drive

J (p.10-18)

  • Get to know Jeremy in the guest house
  • Dave dislikes Jeremy
  • Liz likes him
  • Dave first encounter with the poverty of India (the young girl)

They ignore it (p.19-25)

  • J invites them to an indian restaurant
  • Liz and J talk very closely and ignore David
  • Dave is upset

It's not compulsory, you know (p.26-32)

  • Look back to the first met of Liz and Dave
  • Talking with his friends James (boyfriend of Liz) and Paul about journeys in the next months
  • First conversation between Liz and Dave about his traveling to Switzerland

You are. You are asking me out (p.32-37)

  • Dave doesn't know what to do after his return from Switzerland
  • Ask Liz out for a meeting (the only one remaining in Britain)

Another plump, juicy, bursting peach (p.38-44)

  • Their first meeting alone
  • Dave shows interest in Liz
  • Liz makes clear she wants him only as friend

Does it have to be India (p.45-49)

  • Both come closer and closer
  • Conversation about doing a three monts trip to India together

The hot, wet, gusset of James's boxer shorts (p.50-53)

  • Plan for their trip
  • Liz and Dave get nearer and nearer and do some kind of erotic things
  • But Liz makes clear they are only friends

Not now having sex (p.54-59)

  • They almost having sex but Liz stops it
  • Dave confronts Liz
  • But Liz is still together with James