Dear Diary,

sorry I haven´t written for some days. I have spent lots of time hanging around with Dave. I was so glad and relieved when he finally called me. I thought he has already forgotten me. I was so bored being here alone, all friends far away in other countries. But now I can meet Dave and we do lots of things together as friends. He seems to be very likeable and funny. You can talk to him about profound topics but also mess around. It´s always enjoyable with him. The bad thing is that he still wants me to be his girlfriend, but I made it plain to him that I still love James and he will always be only a good mate for me. It would be different if he wasn´t a friend of James but he is and I will remain true to my principles of not kissing a friend of my boyfriend. Sometimes I believe that Dave thinks nothing of James although he is his best friend, but I think Dave is only jealous. I have already met him many times and we become closer and closer and also have more and more physical contact. I make it really clear to him that I have strong feelings about my relationship with James in order that he won´t get into mischief. We will get better along if we stay friends, so it won´t become complicated between us. Luckily he sees this point too. I just don´t want to hazard our friendship...

I´m going to write soon, Liz